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Modern Foreign Languages - Julie Black



How long have you been the subject leader?


I have been MFL Subject Leader for two years.

What are your strengths as MFL subject leader?

French was always my favourite subject when I moved from primary school to secondary school.  As a teenager I moved to a French speaking country and attended my local French speaking school where I became a fluent French speaker.  I studied French at A level (literature) and post-graduate level (business).  I have also studied Spanish and German but French is the language I have a true passion for.

Give examples of the impact you have had on the quality of teaching and learning/ standards?

I deliver as much of the lesson as possible in French, according to the children’s knowledge and understanding.  I am able to model accurate pronunciation and intonation.  Each lesson has an element of speaking, listening, reading and writing in French, according to which year group they are in.  We also play games and listen to familiar stories in French.  Generally the children love to hear the sound of a different language.

What are the key strengths in this subject?


MFL enables children to engage with the beauty inherent with another language.  Children can compare lifestyles and attitudes.  MFL allows children to look for similarities and differences between English and French (and indeed any other languages they may already have).  They learn to communicate directly with someone who speaks a different language.  Children learn about French foods and eating habits, hobbies and lifestyles in France, which all contributes to the idea of global citizenship.

What areas for development have you identified in this subject?


Time permitting I would like to set up a French club and am looking into the possibility of taking the older children on a day trip to France to put their language skills into practice.

How do you know how well pupils are achieving?


I monitor children’s participation during lessons and their enthusiasm to join in with speaking activities.  At the beginning of each lesson I spend a few minutes talking about what we learned last lesson to see what they can remember.  Written work enables me to see if they can apply grammar.

How does the school meet the needs of all groups within this subject?


MFL is taught in a way which considers all learning styles – visual, auditory and kinaesthetic.  Lessons are taught in French and English.  It particularly supports those children whose first language is not English because of the use of pictures and images.  Lessons are broken down into several parts to help all children to maintain focus and concentration.

What knowledge do Governors have about your subject? How have they been involved in your subject?

I present to Governors each year about how my subject is taught and how the children are learning.  Governors are also invited to Wider Curriculum Open Days.  They are informed of latest developments through the SDP and Heads Reports.