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Art - Emma Peak



How long have you been the subject leader?


I have been Art Subject leader since the introduction of the New Curriculum in 2014.

What are your strengths as Art subject leader?


I have always loved teaching Art and feel passionate that children need to have regular access to quality Art lessons.  I love teaching this subject and often run out of space on my classroom walls to display the fantastic work the children have produced! I keep up to date with new developments on various educational social media platforms and regularly share inspirational ideas with my colleagues and am always ready and available to help with planning, ideas and resources.

Give examples of the impact you have had on the quality of teaching and learning/ standards?

I have reviewed the curriculum and ensured that a wide variety of artists are studied and created links with local artists. I have also created a progression of skills document for Art for teachers to use alongside their planning. I have observed lessons and given feedback to colleagues and regularly feedback to staff following pupil interviews so that practice can be adapted accordingly.

What are the key strengths in this subject?


Art is a thriving subject at Rickmansworth Park JMI and is not forgotten in the quest for higher standards in more ‘academic’ (and tested) subjects. I have created links with local artists and each class has enjoyed sessions working on collaborative art projects. Recently, the school worked on an Eco Art project in collaboration with Three Rivers, WRAP and other local schools. After approaching the RPSA, they have agreed to fund Art days each year. Art at Rickmansworth Park is often linked to other curriculum areas to further their understanding and make links between subjects. Staff have the flexibility to alter planning and outcomes to meet the needs and interests of their learning.

What areas for development have you identified in this subject?


I am seeking to establish links with a local secondary school in the hope that we could have some access to their facilities and expertise, particularly with regard to gifted and talented artists. We are also going to create a portfolio of Art work with examples of emerging, expected and exceeding pieces. I would like to develop the use of sketchbooks as working documents across the school.

How do you know how well pupils are achieving?


At Rickmansworth Park, we benefit from being a small staff who are able to meet regularly to discuss cohorts and individuals. I can see the fantastic Art on display around the school and in class assemblies. I also regularly undertake pupil interviews and book scrutiny. Formal monitoring in Art in KS1 and KS2 takes place every half term and I have access to the subject leader tracking overview for Art on the server which shows the whole school on one page. With regards to the EYFS, Reception staff conduct a baseline assessment within the first 3 weeks of the children entering school. This highlights for the relevant staff the children who may need support eg poor fine motor control, left/right handedness. Under ‘Expressive Arts and Design,’ Reception children are assessed against the EYFS 40-60 months Ages and stages and at the end of the year children are assessed against the Early Leaning Goals.  I have access to this in the Reception Classroom.


How does the school meet the needs of all groups within this subject?


Art is mainly differentiated by outcome but children may be given different implements, such as pencils and paintbrushes which are easier to grip, where relevant.

I have undertaken pupil voice interviews with boys, girls, SEND, EAL, Disadvantaged and KS1 and KS2 pupils to ensure that their opinions are listened to. I have created feedback documents for staff.

Planning and provision reflects the needs and diversity of our pupils.


What knowledge do Governors have about your subject? How have they been involved in your subject?

Governors receive yearly updates and are welcome to attend Wider Curriculum Open mornings and class assemblies where Art work is showcased. They can see work on display around the school and have attended the exhibition held at Watersmeet.