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Personal, Social Health Education - Claire Gregerson



How long have you been the subject leader?



I have been PSHE subject leader since 2016

What are your strengths as PSHE subject leader?

I feel PSHE is vital for each child’s individual development as the PSHE curriculum equips children with the knowledge, understanding, skills and strategies required to live healthy, safe, productive, responsible and balanced lives. It prepares them for global citizenship.

Give examples of the impact you have had on the quality of teaching and learning/standards.

I have carried out pupil interviews, planning and work scrutiny to check for progress and fluency across the school. I have attended PSHE training to prepare for the implementation of the new SRE curriculum, which I will deliver to the staff in order to bring our PSHE in line with new government requirements from September 2020. 

What are the key strengths in this subject?


Pupil voice interviews have highlighted the enjoyment of each lesson and the depth and quality of discussions in lessons, which allow children to express themselves in a safe and secure environment. Our work as a Rights Respecting School and the aims of the PSHE curriculum are closely intertwined.

What areas for development have you identified in this subject?


Ensuring the new SRE framework is fully implemented across the school from September 2020; helping teachers to bring their planning and provision in line with new government requirements.

How do you know how well pupils are achieving?


The monitoring of teacher assessments shows that children are in line with national standards and making the expected progress, with some children exceeding the year group expectations.

How does the school meet the needs of all groups within this subject?


Children are given a range of tasks to complete within PSHE lessons and are supported by the class teacher. Children support their peers using talking partners and group work. 

What knowledge do Governors have about your subject? How have they been involved in your subject?

The Governors are invited to the wider curriculum sessions where they can access pupil’s curriculum books and observe PSHE being taught. A biannual update on PSHE in our school is presented to the Full Governing Body.